An estimated 25,000-35,000 girls are trafficked from Nepal to India each year. Nearly 80% will end up being sexually exploited.

In many rural and isolated villages in Nepal, girls are tricked, persuaded, forced or sold into human trafficking. Sometimes they are promised a better life in a far away land only to end up in a brothel in India or in the Middle East. Their passports and travel documents are taken, leaving them isolated and unable to escape the nightmare.

Our Daughters International provides holistic care to the girls and women they rescue from these tragic circumstances. Without a strategy that includes trauma counseling, education and job skills training, many of the rescued girls will continue to be vulnerable to being re-trafficked. By engaging in leadership development and training, our daughters will return to their villages as leaders and begin the process of community transformation.

ASAP Express and Logistics was blessed to raise $4180 in the month of July, 2022 to aid in these developments and trainings. These funds are all to Glorify God, which is part of ASAP’s overall mission.

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