The ASAP Express & Logistics team is working around the clock to support your supply chain during this COVID-19 crisis.

During this pandemic, our number one priority remains the safety of our office staff, drivers, customers, and partners. However, we understand that even during a pandemic, our customers’ supply chains must continue to operate efficiently. 

As such, we have taken measures to ensure COVID-19 doesn’t restrict our ability to deliver your freight including office sanitization practices and staggered shifts for our essential staff. In spite of the pandemic, we’re proud to report that our dedicated team of drivers and dispatchers are still ready and able to move your expedited and scheduled freight.

For the last 25 years, we’ve built our reputation providing time-sensitive freight services to the world’s largest OEM auto manufacturers, including their suppliers and freight forwarders, as well as many other globally recognized manufacturing and distribution companies. 

We’re used to operating under pressure and are ready and able to step up to any logistics challenge you throw our way.

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