August 26th, 2020 – Spring 2020 marks the 25th anniversary for ASAP Express & Logistics, a state-of-the-art logistics solution provider based out of Detroit, MI. 

Since 1995, ASAP has grown from a small regional logistics company to a nationally recognized 3PL with border crossing certifications throughout North America.

CFO, Doug Knedgen, remarked, “In spite of a national pandemic, economic recession, and a challenging freight market, ASAP has achieved this milestone through the hard work and dedication of our employees and our customer-centric culture. I believe this is why 100% of our customers said they would do business with us again.”

“Moving forward, we will be reflecting on where we started, our achievements thus far, and our vision for beyond 2020,” commented CEO John Cummings.

COO Johnny Cummings added, “With all of our staff and drivers COVID and PPE compliant, we’re excited to have the opportunity to continue solving their logistics challenges in spite of these challenging times.”

With over 25 years of providing expedited services to some of the world’s largest manufacturers, distribution centers, retail outfits, energy companies, and everything in between, ASAP Express & Logistics has become the “one stop shop” for their customer’s logistics needs. 

Learn more by visiting or by contacting dispatch at (866) 673-2727.